How to bet on athletics?

Running competitions are organized all over the world. The advantage of running disciplines is that classes are available almost everywhere. Betting on athletics involves not only running, but also race walking, hurdling, shot put, discus and javelin, long jump, high jump and pole vault.

Running is a spectacular and widespread sport, but betting offices add events to the lineup irregularly: when the Olympics and World and European Championships are held. There are popular competitions (Gold and Diamond League), but bookmakers do not cover them well.

Types of bets

Winning a race - who finishes first in a particular race.

Winning a tournament - at famous tournaments in each category (running event), a hundred runners participate, but only 5-7 athletes have a realistic chance of winning.

Who is higher - from a pair of track and field athletes you have to choose the one who is higher by the results of the race or competition.

The top 3, top 4, top 6, etc.

Peculiarities of betting on athletics.In the warm season, tournaments are held outdoors, and in winter - in indoor venues. Usually, offices do not add winter competitions to the lineup, because they are not in demand among players.

The season stretches over 4 months, so the discipline is not suitable for steady play. Bet on running in conjunction with tennis and playing sports whose matches are played regularly.

Event Analysis

There are more than 12 disciplines in the sport of running. When parsing each, consider different factors. In sprinting, starting acceleration is important, on which the outcome of the race depends. In the long distances, endurance, tactics, and the ability to distribute strength intelligently come to the fore.

Strong runners usually save their energy and don't put in their best effort in 1/4 and 1/2 of the finals. In qualifying, the favorite may finish second or third. The main thing - to reach the final race and already in it to show the best time.

Athletes can have extra motivation. At major competitions, a lot of records are set: world, national and personal. If a competitor does not qualify for high positions, he will try to set an individual or national record at a significant tournament.

In singles races, it is easier to identify favorites. When analyzing a relay, more points are taken into consideration, especially when newcomers to the team show up. Comparing the strength of athletes and predicting a team result is more difficult.

Additionally, take into account the weather, prize money, fan support, stats, form and past injuries of track and field athletes.

How do I bet on track and field?

Let's consider the sequence on the example of NairaBet, because the sport appears here most often:

Expand the line to the left and open the sport Athletics (located in the top ten). Select the discipline and the tournament.

How to bet on athletics?

Decide on a winner. Click on the last name of the athlete.In the coupon on the right, enter the size of the deal and click on the button. Make a bet.

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